About the Comic

Serpent Specter is a post-post-apocalyptic superhero renaissance story about a vengeful vigilante who haunts the knightly order that betrayed him.

The world is an alternate version of our own set centuries in the future after humanity went extinct, leaving behind genetically-engineered wildlife and their artificial-intelligence caretakers to fill the niches of an unbalanced ecosystem known as The Wilderness.

Among the survivors are sentient humanoid animals called Quasi, who have since created their own inter-species cultures, each with a unique perspective on humanity and the world they created (and destroyed).

While most Quasi live in The Wilderness as nomads or territorial clans, others have united in favor of restoring the ruins of human civilization to their former glory, inspired by the ancient superheroes who fought against tyranny and savagery in defense of utopian ideals and social progress.

The Age of Ascension has begun…

This comic is appropriate for children with parental guidance. While there is no gore, sex, human nudity, or cursing; this story depicts mild death and violence, and difficult subjects such as grieving, depression, injustice, and the consequences of moral compromise.

New chapters (at least three pages) are posted on the 15th of each month.